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About the PM² Group corporate design

PM² as project management methodology is currently at version 3.01 and defines a clear and bespoke governance structure, has a phased approach and a very valuable and helpful set of supporting document templates for running projects. In its basis PM² is ‘founded’ on established best practices approaches to project management but other than most also addresses the challenge of not only deliver project results but also the benefits.

In developing the corporate design for the PM² Group, careful consideration was given to selecting colors and crafting brand guidelines that accurately reflect the identity, narrative, and objectives the organization aims to convey.

Corporate Design Vision for the PM² Group

The PM² Group\’s corporate design mission is to encapsulate and project the values and objectives emblematic of the brand.

Introducing the PM² Group

The PM² Group is a not-for-profit membership organization dedicated to promoting the PM² project management methodology. Our membership encompasses project management consultancies and training organizations, PM² user organizations, and includes the examination and certification institute responsible for the public PM² group certification program.

PM² Group\’s Mission

Our primary aim is to champion the implementation of the PM² project management methodology across public and private sector projects, as envisioned by the Center of Excellence in PM² of the European Commission. To achieve this, the PM² Group focuses on three main activities:

  • 1. Overseeing a public certification and trainer accreditation program aligned with EU Commission guidelines.
  • 2. Encouraging PM² adoption within European public and private entities.
  • 3. Providing individuals with access to PM² learning resources and certification opportunities to enhance their employability.

In line with the PM² Group\’s objectives, we aspire to represent stability, engender trust and equality, and advocate for a unified project management practice that benefits corporations and European citizens alike. We also seek to be associated with the European Commission, while maintaining a clear distinction from European institutional entities.

About PM² and the CoEPM²

The Centre of Excellence in PM² (CoEPM²) endorses PM² methodologies, including PM²-Agile, PM²-Programme Management, and PM²-Portfolio Management, offering the European Commission and EU Institutions comprehensive project management frameworks, support, and consulting services. The CoEPM² plays a crucial role in facilitating PM²\’s internal implementation, coordinating an inter-institutional Project Support Network (PSN), and promoting PM² across Member States.

Designing PM² Group’s Corporate Identity

Tasked with this significant responsibility, Bella Design Studio, under the guidance of designer Isabella De Felip, approached the corporate design with a blend of seriousness, stability, and officialdom. The challenge was to create a logo that, while incorporating multiple colors, remained uncluttered and embodied the essence of PM² without directly mirroring the European Commission.

Bella Design Studio embraced the circle of stars as a central motif for the graphic design, symbolizing unity, collaboration, and equality. This motif, paired with the diverse colors from the PM² logo, signifies inclusion—a core European value. A similar font type to that of the PM² Group was chosen to foster an association with the PM² methodology.


For supporting colors, European blue was selected to convey calmness, governance, and control. Light blue, reflecting the PM² palette, complements this, further broadcasting the organization\’s core values. Grey was chosen as a tertiary color to express seriousness and control, blending seamlessly with the other hues to prevent a cluttered appearance.

A distinctive graphic icon developed was a vertical flag with the circle,\"graphic reminiscent of the European Commission\’s emblem but distinctly unique with its star circle, reinforcing the official yet independent stance of the PM² Group.

This strategic approach to graphic design and corporate identity by Bella Design Studio has created a cohesive and impactful brand representation for the PM² Group, aligning with its aspirations and values while ensuring distinction from European institutional bodies.

About the PM² Group corporate design