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Discover the EU Organisational Compliance Institute (EU-OCI), providing frameworks to execute European Commission directives.

The European Commission requires organizations to adopt directives such as Security (NIS2 and DORA) and Sustainability (CSRD). By implementing these standards, organizations can enhance their compliance, increase operational resilience, and maximize their positive impact on society.



Learn how to apply EU directives. The EU-OCI offers the tools for compliance and beyond.

PM² is a logical, easy-to-use Project Management methodology for professional project teams. Whether you work in or outside the European Union, in public administration, or in a private company, this methodology is for you!



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Participate in the public certification program offered by the EU Organisational Compliance Institute and enhance your assets. Prepare to meet various compliance standards set by the European Commission and perform beyond expectations.

Best practice in EU Directives

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Find quality approved training materials for classroom training or self-study and download the PM² Guide for free.

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Find trainers that are accredited based on a transparent and quality-based accreditation scheme compliant with PM² GROUP guidelines.


Test your knowledge and become certified based on certification standards set out by the European Commission.

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An initiative by
the coalition of
the willing

The EU Organisational Compliance Institute is a non-profit membership organization that promotes and facilitates compliance with EU regulations through learning, for both private and public organizations within the European Union and beyond.

About the EU-OCI

The PM² GROUP is a not-for-profit membership organization that strives to facilitate the implementation of the PM² project management methodology in public and private projects as intended by the Center of Excellence in PM² of the European Commission.

The PM² GROUP has set out three main activity areas to achieve this goal: 

  • Auditing the supported public certification and trainer accreditation program, based on the EU commission’s guidelines
  • Promoting the adoption of PM² in European public and private organizations
  • Facilitate access to PM² learning materials and certification for individuals who want to increase their employability. 

Our members are project management consultancy and training organizations, PM² user organizations, and also include the examination and certification institute that created the public PM² GROUP certification program.

Transparent & Open

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All partners share values of transparency, excellence and equity

Training organisations

Training partners are accredited based on strict guidelines that safeguard training quality and effectiveness as the PM² GROUP sets out.

Member organizations

Member organizations support the mission of the PM² GROUP and commit to achieving the common goal, each member in its own way

The EU Organisational Compliance Institute Council

Expert pannel

The council provides advice on content-related matters and is responsible for auditing the  PM² certification based on the guidelines of the European Commission.

The Certification Council is an independent panel of PM² and certification experts representing different industries and interests. Council members are selected from member organizations of the PM² GROUP based on their experience, network, and contributions to PM².

Michiel Benda

Lead Trainer NIS2
& Chief examiner EU-OCI

Lex van der Helm is the pedagogical manager for PM² at the European Commission. He has over 30 years of experience with project and programme management and is certified in numerous best practices.


Ivo van Haren

CEO and founder of Van Haren Publishing

Ivo van Haren is founder and CEO of Van Haren Publishing. Van Haren publishing is world’s leading publisher in best practices, frameworks and standards in Project Management. 

Laurent Kummer

Senior Project Management consultant at EU commission & editor in chief of PM² Guide V3

Laurent Kummer is Co-Author PM² Guide v2.5 and Editor in Chief of PM² Guide v3. He is a senior project management consultant at the European Commission and freelance PM² trainer. 



Jacobus Groot

CEO and founder of QRP International

Jacobus is founder and CEO of QRP International. A leading player in project management training and implementation with a proven track record of over 15 years. 

Vincent Jentjens

Founder SECO-Institute

Frank Turley contributed to the original version of the PM² guide while working as a Project Management consultant at the European Commission. He is famous for his practical project management knowledge and has trained over 2000 project manager. 



Giovanni Colucci

Member of the Cronos Europa Management Team Presales, Marcom and Contract Management Director

Giovanni is a business leader passioned about growth through people, technologies, and open collaboration. He has a broad international background across industries and geographies – from management consultant, to CEO, to board member, in start-ups, scale ups and Fortune 100 companies. IESE MBA.

What is the EU Organisational Compliance Institute?

PM² is the umbrella under which we find the European Commission’s methodologies for managing (agile) projects, programmes and portfolios. The core is a strong yet lightweight methodology for managing projects suitable for medium to large projects in any domain. Initially developed for internal projects with the European Commission, PM² has since developed into a mature approach currently used by most European Agencies and Institutions within the European Union and increasingly by other national public service organisations across Europe. One of the distinguishing traits of PM² is the emphasis on not only the process side but also the necessary mindset for successful project management.

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PM² as project management methodology is currently at version 3.01 and defines a clear and bespoke governance structure, has a phased approach and a very valuable and helpful set of supporting document templates for running projects. In its basis PM² is ‘founded’ on established best practices approaches to project management but other than most also addresses the challenge of not only deliver project results but also the benefits.

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